A Black Hole in Neasden

How much advice are you really expected to take from your dog? Even if he is invariably right.
There's more to life than celery, you know.
So, your father is obsessed with little rubber washers and there's a black hole at the bottom of the garden.
Confused? So is Jack. But then, he has just moved to another planet. There's a lot to get used to.
Like a talking dog, to begin with. And a party invitation that will prove to be, quite literally, a transformative experience.
Sexy aliens, a stolen baby, man-eating daffodils and a cameo by Marilyn Monroe...
How's your day been so far?

"a truly fun book ... amusingly ludicrous ... an effective and enjoyable parody of contemporary culture."
—Lavie Tidhar, author of The Bookman Histories

"fresh and exciting ... brimming with oddball ideas ... goes full out to entertain right from page one."
—John Millen, Sunday Young Post


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